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For First-time Customers

What do Postty serve?
We ship you Japanese products worldwide from Japan.When you buy Japanese Products online, please specify the shipping address to your Postty address.After we receive your packages from the shop you buy, we arrange the packages and ship to you.
What is MyPostty?
It is the member pages. You can order the shipping request, check the status of your packages, pay the shipping fee, and contact us.
Is the registration fee free ? Is there any annual fee ?
The registration fee and annual fee are free. You can get Japan Address for shopping in free.

Member Registration

How do I do for the member registration ?
Please click on "Member Registration" banner and go ahead to the member registration by following the instructions.
At the registration, do I need to submit to Postty any documents for the identification ?
You need to submit us some documents for identifying you.

Your Home Address, Your Name, Your Birthdate

The identification documents must be included above 3 information.

This is ordered by Japanese government.

How can I change registered my address?
After logging in MyPostty(member page), you can change your address from 'Member Info' page by clicking on 'Member Info' button on the right side menu.
Please contact us by PosttyMail if you have a shipping package that will be shipped out as soon as you change your address.
After the member registration, I cannot log in MyPostty(member page).What can I do?
Please contact us by sending email to will reply you as soon as we can.
When is my Postty address issued?
After filling the member registration form, you will receive the confirmation email from us. Please complete the final registration process by clicking the link in the email.

After the registration completed, your Postty address will be displayed on the screen.
Also we send you the completion email with your Postty address.




Ask by E-Mail

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