Please read on the following cautions before you use our services.


We guide what cannot be sent overseas. We guide what the cautions on shipping service is.

Please keep in mind that there is what it cannot deal with according to law, a treaty, etc. in international mail.

In particular about the target goods of aviation dangerous objects on the rule of IATA(International Air Transport Association), it cannot concern and send to the kind (the mail post, the parcel post, the EMS mail) and transportation type (Airmail, SAL, Surface) of mail in international mail.

Before you are shopping, please confirm whether the goods applicable to "the things which cannot be sent as international mail", such as a dangerous object, are contained in your shopping products.

Japan Post inspects a contents article by radiographic inspection after mail undertaking, and in the case of "what cannot be sent" as international mail, it returns it to our company without refunding shipping fee.Please be careful.

In a lithium ion battery simple substance, overseas dispatch cannot be carried out by Japan Post.It can ship, when included in the electronic device.

* Since transportation of the lithium ion battery simple substance in FedEx facilities is possible, please ask us.

Category Sub-Category Sample of what cannot mail overseas
Explosive and Dangerous object Explosives Fireworks, Cracker, Ammunition
Inflammable liquid Fuel for writers, Paint
High pressure gas Gas for a fire extinguisher, Aqualung, Dusting spray, Portable concentration oxygen, Helium gas,Gas stove for a camp, and Portable gas stoves, Supplement gas for writers
Flammable substance Match, Writer
Oxidizing substance Bleach, Peroxidation agent, Personal small oxygen generator
Toxic substances Chloroform, Heating transpiration insecticide
Corrosive substance Mercury, Battery
Other toxic substances Engines, such as a radio control helicopter, Magnet
Radioactive material Radioactive material
(The case where the condition coverage of the mail which is included a radioactive material is fulfilled is excluded)
Drugs Drug and Psychotropic drug  
Live animal Live animal  
Obscene goods Obscene or immoral goods  


* In case we receive above items, we will contact with you.

If the contents of a report differ from the contents of the actual load, it is not guaranteed, when it is broken or has lost at the arrival.

Moreover, when your packages were returned to us, we will contact with you, but we do not guarantee the contents of your packages.

* Frozen, refrigerated, raw and perishable foods are not guaranteed at all.

* Liquid bottles, fragile articles are not guaranteed at all.

* Things which explodes or breaks easily (the drink of a paper pack, potato chips, jelly, cosmetics, and a liquid) are not guaranteed at all.

* Please keep in mind that it returns to a shipping agency as it is when a living thing (insect, fish, and animal) plant and fruit arrive.

* If your package have been returned to us from overseas for the reasons of above restricted items, all expenses could not be refunded to you.

* At the shopping

There are some restricted products for the international shipping.Please check on the above list.
When your package is returned to Japan by the customs clearance inspection of the address for delivery, all expenses could not be refunded to you.

* About the Shipping Request

After the shopping, please log in the member page(called MyPostty) and make a Shipping Request for letting us know the details of your shopping and shipping preferences.
When a package without a shipping request arrives, we may not be able to received it.
We have received the package after checking the shipper' name and recipient name from your shipping request.Please be careful.
We may not be able to receive the packages with the recipient other than a member.Member registration is required even if it is a family and a friend.

Please type correctly the quantity and price of the goods to receive.The price in particular cannot be notified for 0 yen.We copy the price of goods into the commercial invoice from your shipping request.
No responsibility can be taken when a problem occurs unlike the contents of a report.