Please read the following terms of service and use Postty services.

Postty : Terms of Service :

* Regular range and change
This agreement is applied to the "postty member" (the following, "member") using this service.
Our company shall change the contents of this agreement and this service if needed, without obtaining consent of a member's beforehand.

* Member registration
A member recognizes this agreement, it registers in a predetermined procedure, and the direction which our company recognized is called member.
However, admission may not be recognized when our company judges that it is unsuitable as a rational reason or a member.
We send an confirmation email of the completion of registration from our company after completion of registration procedure.
When there is change to the contents of member registration, please perform change procedure promptly on a member information page(the following, "MyPostty").

* Management of a password
a member, such as changing a password periodically so that it may not be known by others, -- the person himself/herself needs to manage with responsibility.
When it is checked by a predetermined method that it is in agreement with that into which the E-mail address and password which were entered were registered, It is regarded as a thing with use by a member, and even if they are the cases where persons other than a member use according to surreptitious use, an unauthorized use, and other situations, our company does not do any responsibility now [ negative ] about the damage which arose by that cause.

* The notification of withdrawal from the membership
The member needs to submit notice on that to our company by Postty Mail of MyPostty, when you wish this member's withdrawal from the membership.

* Handling of member information
Members are the aftercare of the service which purchased member information, and our service Various information of dispatch of various information and DMs about an event, user support, the product of the other company, a service event, etc. (in this case) It is absolutely none to provide the other company concerned with a visitor's personal information. It is agreed that the associated company of our company and our company uses for each purpose of load dispatch, price settlement of accounts, and various statistical information (individual specific from * statistical information cannot identify at all.) creation.
Our company shall care about a registrant's privacy protection enough about a member's registration information.
Our company shall not indicate member information to a third party except for the following cases.

  1. When the member agrees with the indication
  2. In order to check the validity of a credit card, when a member's personal information is exchanged between our company and the card issuer concerned
  3. When exchanging a member's personal information between our company and a financial institution for other credit checks and
  4. our company indicates statistics and analysis data of this service for a third party by the range and method which a member individual cannot specify
  5. When a court, criminal investigation, the police, etc. are able to be asked for an indication based on law

* About the payment of a charged monthly amount usage fee
The payment of the charged monthly amount usage fee of personal plan and a business plan, every two months -- or as long as there is no proposal of a member's withdrawal from the membership for every long agreement period, respectively, it is updated automatically, and a contract summarizes two following months (or long agreement period) in the middle of the updating previous month, asks, and has payment completed by the 27th of the same month
We will restrict to the member of the payment in PAYPAL, and will ask PAYPAL account for a usage fee automatically on the 27th of the updating previous month.
Moreover, in the case of any reasons, the paid fee cannot do refund.

* Payment of a service charge
When there is a claim of the payment of a charge from our company by Postty Mail, please pay them by the due date with bank transfer, a credit card (Visa, Master), and PAYPAL from My Postty.
When member's payment cannot be checked by our company after one month from the invoiced date, applicable service will be canceled by our company.

* Payment in a bank account transfer
When a member pay a charge by bank transfer, please transfer a charge to addressing to our bank account within a term.
Service contents, the amount of money for payment, our account information, etc. can always be checked from My Postty.
A member pay the bank transfer fee. Please ask the financial institution of use about the details of the bank transfer fee.

* Payment in Credit Card
When a member pay a charge in credit card, follow the instruction of Payment page in My Postty within a term.
Our company use the credit card payment service of PAYPAL.
In payment procedure, it moves to the site of PAYPAL from the middle.Although there are login of PAYPAL and a message of invitation of admission in a PAYPAL site, since payment of a credit card is made without PAYPAL account, please feel easy.

When using a credit card, a commission starts at a card issuer/bank for move processing of the currency by a card.
In order to carry out charges forward for a postage etc. at our company in this service, a member pay a card commission (3.9%+40JPY).

* Payment in PAYPAL
When a member pay a charge in Paypal, follow the instruction of Payment page in My Postty within a term.
In payment procedure, it moves to the site of PAYPAL from the middle. Please perform payment procedure after typing the registration E-mail address and a password at a PAYPAL site.Those who use PAYPAL for the first time need to input required information according to directions of a screen.

When using Paypal, a commission starts at a card issuer/bank for move processing of the currency by a card.
In order to carry out charges forward for a postage etc. at our company in this service, a member pay a card commission (3.9%+40JPY).

* About shipped packages
Although our company will ship a package to a member's address by the shipping company, when a package does not reach a member, please consent to the member itself asking a local delivery trader.You can track your packages by EMS only from My Postty.
The tracking service for Air, SAL, Surface(ship) is not available except some countries.
In the case of any reasons, after a package is shipped by our company, we do not offer the guarantee of a package at our company.
If you bought the delivery insurance, security in the range is performed from a distributing company.

* About receiving packages
When a member buy the products at online shop, he/she specifies our address as the address for the delivery. A member also have to let us know about the contents of packages at Shipping Request page before the packages are arrived.
Our company might receive only the package which is registered before receiving.We might refuse to receive the package which is the recipient name other than registered member name.

We might refuse to receive the package with C.O.D.(Daibiki) payment which does not complete the payment.The payment of C.O.D.(Daibiki) should be done by before one business day of package arrival.

* Use of Postty address
Postty address which our company lend you is only for the shipping address at your online shopping.We forbid all the other use.

* Erasion of member information, the stop of service
We shall erase member information without notifying a member, when a member judges that it corresponds to below.

  1. When there is a notice of a use stop from a credit card company
  2. When the illegal use of the credit card was carried out and this service is used
  3. When there is no line crack of payment within a payment term
  4. When there is a possibility of barring management of this service, in addition interfering with this service
  5. When member agreement is broken
  6. When applying for a falsehood at the time of registration
  7. When ID or a password is used unjustly
  8. When the act which breaks an act and the other statutes contrary to good public order and customs, or an act with those fear is performed
  9. When other our company judges that it is unsuitable as a member

* Discontinuation and stop of service
When emergencies, such as a commuter's ticket or an urgent maintenance, a disaster and a natural disaster, occur and it is judged on management of this service that it is required, as for our company, this service may be interrupted or stopped temporarily.
In any cases, about damage of the member who arose by discontinuation or stop of this service, our company does not do any responsibility.

* Change of service contents
Our company shall change and abolish all or a part of services suitably by the judgment.Thereby, the service which was considering purchase or purchase in the past may be unable to be used.

* Exemption from responsibility, others
A member shall recognize enough that the transmitting act using the Internet includes danger, such as disclosure etc. of the personal information containing a credit card number, and shall perform management and transmission on the basis of self responsibility, and our company makes dose not do any responsibility about this damage.
About the damage which arose when the member broke this agreement, our company does not do any responsibility.
These service contents may be changed without a preliminary announcement. Please understand that there is a case where you can use the service which was considering purchase or purchase in the past.
About the damage and dispute which arose to the member by use of change of the contents of this service, a stop, abolition, and these other services, our company does not take any responsibility but does no reparations duty.
Our company does not do any responsibility about the damage which arose by disappearance of discontinuation, delay, a stop, and data of the system by the obstacle of a communication line, a computer, etc., and unlawful access to data, and the other direct, extraordinarily subordinate, or consequential damage which arose to the member about service of this group.
A law of Japan is applied to this agreement.

March 1, 2014 Amendment
Postty Department, First Planning Co., ltd.